Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Laptop Repair Hong Kong : How to Secure Laptop when using Public WiFi?

Whether you like to travel a lot or just like to surf the web from the local coffee shop, you cannot deny that freely available public wi-fi is a very useful amenity.
The problem is that you do not know who around you could be attempting to steal your personal information via that same public wireless network, or just peeking over your shoulder to steal your password. There are a few ways recommended by Laptop Repair Hong Kong & Computer Repair Hong Kong so you can protect yourself when you are surfing the web from a public access point.

Do Not Make Purchases or Tinker with Online Banking

Even though it may seem like an obvious security precaution, you may want to refrain from making any purchases or logging into your online banking account. Someone may be able to obtain your password or credit card number, and the websites you are connecting to may not be secure. A little paranoia may be enough to keep your personal information safe.

Secure Your Laptop

If you have to run to the bathroom or leave your laptop for more than a minute or two, make sure that you secure it. Lock it with a password, so no one can look at what you were working on while you’re not there. If there is no one trustworthy you can ask to keep an eye on your laptop (store employee, librarian, friend, etc.), pack it up and take it with you. You may lose your table or your seat, but it will be a lot less difficult to find another than it will be to battle identity theft recommended by Laptop Repair Hong Kong
If you have a Bluetooth enabled laptop, make sure that the Bluetooth is off or that it is not in discovery mode. This also applies for smartphones. Once you have paired your devices, there is no need to leave them in discovery mode. We recently spent some time in a Barnes & Noble Bookstore, and were surprised to find out how many laptops and smartphones we discovered from our own laptop.

Use a VPN Connection

Most of us only use VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections if they are issued through our place of employment. A VPN creates a secure tunnel between you and the sites that you are visiting, and that additional level of security will keep out the snoopers that may congregate at wireless access points.
If you do not have VPN, you can get free VPN through Hotspot Shield. Hotspot Shield will protect your anonymity by hiding your IP address. If you do not log in to a web site, you cannot be identified while running Hotspot Shield.
Hotspot Shield
Once you download and install Hotspot Shield, double-click the Hotspot Shield Launch icon on your desktop. Hotspot Shield will create the VPN tunnel and let you know when the connection has been secured. Once you are connected, you can access the application from your system tray. Hotspot Shield is also available for OS X.
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