Saturday, November 27, 2010

Computer Technician Hong Kong - Uninstall an Update in Windows 7.

Windows Update is the main method of updating Windows 7 to keep your PC running smoothly and free from errors. However, not all updates operate as you expect. Learn how to easily view all of the updates installed on your computer and how to uninstall single updates.

Windows Installed Updates

Every once in a while, Microsoft releases Service Packs that are primarily a bunch of updates to the Windows operating system that have been packaged up into one download. These Service Packs serve as new version of the operating system so much so that some applications and programs require that your PC be updated to the latest Service Pack before installation.
However, until Service Packs are released, the updates trickle in from Microsoft as individual installations. Although generally tested to be stable, these updates occasionally behave in ways the company did not intend. Luckily, Microsoft built into Windows 7 an easy to use interface for uninstalling individual updates. Computer Service Hong Kong and  Computer Technician Hong Kong tells us step by step process to uninstall Windows 7 Updates.

Uninstall Windows 7 Updates

Begin by logging into Windows 7 with an account that has administrative privileges. Then, click on Start>Control Panel>Programs. Under the Programs and Featureslink, click on the link titled View Installed Updates.
You should now be looking at the Uninstall an Update window. You should note a few things here. First, note that each update is automatically categorized by program. 
Second, note that the next column indicates to which program the update belongs. Third, the next column indicates the version. Note that few updates use this column so don’t be alarmed if almost all of the updates have this column blank.
Fourth, the next column indicates the publisher of the update. Microsoft often makes use of this column but many other publishers do not. Again, don’t be surprised to see this column mostly blank.
Fifth, the last column indicates when the update was installed. This column is particularly important because it can help you diagnose a malfunctioning computer. If you install an update and your computer starts to act strangely, you can sort the updates found in this windows by date and uninstall the most recent updates to try to fix your PC.
You can uninstall any update in this list simply by clicking on it. How the update uninstalls depends on what kind of update it is. For example, Microsoft updates prompt you to ensure you really want to uninstall it.
Other updates may simply uninstall without asking you to verify the un-installation. For this reason, be careful what you do in this window or you may inadvertently uninstall an important update. However, don’t worry because you can always download it again by running Windows Update.
Windows 7 makes it easy to view and uninstall individual updates. However Computer Upgrade Hong Kong recommends unless you have a good reason for doing so, don’t start uninstalling updates to fix a problem with Windows. You may make matters worse and open up your computer to malware and other attacks from which the update was protecting your PC.

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