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Data Recovery Hong Kong - What to do when MacBook hard disk fails?

You all must be aware of word Hard Drive failure and Data Recovery. Now days in modern world everyone is using digital devices which involves lot of file saving, downloading and data exchange. Nowadays data recovery is not only associated with Hard drive Failures but also with many other devices like Phones, Music Player, Memory Cards, Cameras etc. These days every school kid has their own cell phone and they all save tones of pictures, music and videos. Data is very important and crucial for it owner and no matter how careful you are these devices fail suddenly and that’s when you need file recovery. Many people these days drop their phones on water or spill liquid on computers which damages hard drive and their data is lost. Read How to save Dropped phone is water.
What is Data Recovery?
In simple words data recovery is extracting data from damage or corrupted hard drives, magnetic tapes, memory cards, SSD by using software plus hardware recovery method and saving it to a good hard drive. Data extraction is a very complex and delicate process as in this process professionals only get 1 or 2 chances to recover files.

Types of Recovery :
Software Recovery:
·       Deleted Data – This is usually done by very expensive advanced processional Software which is  able to scan and read sectors on drive which were deleted.
·       Inaccessible/ Lost partition - In this case data is on the storage drive but is not accessible.
·       Operating System Failure – This is most common failure and can be seen in both Mac and Windows based laptops. This is also one of most common type of recovery.
Hardware Recovery:

·       Physical Damage – This is type of recovery where the storage device is physically broken or damaged beyond repair. This type of recovery is done is special Labs also known as Clean Room. This is usually most expensive type of recovery.
·       Logic Board Failure – This happens when the circuit board on HDD is not working or HDD cannot be turned ON. It is not easy to perform this kind of recovery as HDD need same exact same logic board from same manufacture and model of the hard drive.
Should I attempt to Recovery Data on my own?
Yes if you definitely don’t want your data back then go ahead and try it. Recovering data by users on their own is not recommended by Mac Hard Drive Recovery HK at all, if you do so then you will be the one destroying hard drive plus any possibility of recovering data by professionals. Remember even professional recovery companies have only 1 or at most 2 chances of recovering data. If you attempt something then for sure you don’t love your data and you will end up getting nothing.
There are few free data recovery software’s out there which one should never use as these software’s are for advertisement purpose and not for actual recovery. Professional recovery software’s are very expensive and engineers who are trained to recover files follow proper step by step procedure to recover valuable data. These free softwares actually reduce chance of recovering any data even by professionals as it requires drive scanning for hours and thus making many sectors unreadable. Also this software will advertise their company and ultimately ask you to bring HDD to them so better not to attempt anything foolish.
Is Windows & Mac recovery same?
According to Macbook data recovery Hong Kong it is important to understand that windows and mac both are using different file systems. Windows hard drive is formatted as NTFS whereas Mac uses HFS+. That’s why software recovery of both the systems is performed in different way using different typed of recovery program. Not every company can recover Mac hard drive so it is not recommended to give HDD for recovering to Windows Recovery Company. Mac recovery is more complex than windows but when it comes to physical recovery the basic steps are same for both.
Dos and Don’ts
·       When your mac hard drive crashes do not turn on your MacBook as this will force drive to read data which will make drive condition worst.
·       When your mac OSX is not booting up then do not force boot it or turn it OFF & ON multiple times as this will lead to complete HDD failure.
·       If your camera memory card is not readable just take it out and leave it. Don’t try inserting it in other devices as it reduces recovery chances.
·       Never attempt any kind of recovery on your own.
·       Always keep a backup copy of your data no matter what device you are using.
·       If your hard drive is making clicking sound that means it needs hardware recovery so never attempt to open it physically.
·       If you have deleted data by mistake then right away turn OFF your computer and don’t use it unless data is recovered. If you do so you will be overwriting sectors and recovery will be impossible.

Data recovery is a very complex and time consuming process and it requires highly skilled engineers to extract files from damage drives so it will be always an expensive process no matter which device you recover. Data Recovery Hong Kong Whenever recovery is required of files such as photos, music, videos do not attempt to recover on your own and always ask for professional help. Pictures and Videos means a lot to people and these files are large in nature so that’s why there recovery is difficult compared to documents.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Computer Repair Hong Kong - What to do when your email is Hacked ?

These days there has been sudden increase in email hacking and every day we are receiving many computers and laptops which are hacked and contains malicious programs on it. Recently there are few new hackers in market who are not very experienced and can be a teenager or someone unemployed.  These type of hackers are newbie but they are dangerous as they spend more time finding out information and try new methods of hacking. Email hacking is the easiest and most popular way of hacking any computer and because not every user is protected with right kind of security program there email often get hacked.

How to know my email is Hacked?

1.    If you are not able to login to your email with same old password.
2.    If your friends are receiving emails from your account asking for money.
3.    If people in your contact list are receiving strange links and picture links.
4.    After you login you find out there are no mails at all and all mails are deleted.
5.    When you see strange emails in sent items which you never sent.

How does my email got hacked? What did I do?

Computer Repair Services Hong Kong will tell you ways how your email got hacked.
1.    Did you click on the link sent calming jobs, lottery confirm? Sample below: 
2.    Did you open any attachment claiming TT transfer Successful.
3.    Did you download any software from unknown website recently?
4.    Are you using same password on many websites?
5.    Did you open link sent by friend to see pictures? may be his email is also hacked and he is unaware of it.
6.    Did you receive email from your own email address asking to open link?

What to do once email is Hacked?
1.    The most important step Change password immediately. Create a strong password and do not use your name or friends name which hacker can find from social networking websites.
2.    If you cannot access your account then only option is to go for password recovery.
3.    Once you login to your account change password reset setting and make sure hacker did not change your recovery email address.
4.    Check if hacker has not created any settings to forward all emails to some other account.
5.    Scan your computer with an Antivirus program and look for virus or spyware.
6.    Uninstall any recently installed program from unknown source.
7.    Install a firewall as this will not allow information to be sent to hacker.

Future Precautions -
  • Don't click on any link without reading it or without knowing source of it.
  • Don't download softwares from unknown, not popular websites.
  • Don't click on Advertisements that claims to pay you money or  win lottery.
  • Do not use your email account on public computers.
  • Do not use same password for all email accounts or on different social networking websites.
  • Always scan your computer regularly and delete browsing history and cookies.
  • Do not open picture attachments from people you don't know and even if you know the person before opening scan all attachments.
  • Don't be lazy and change password regularly.
  • Don't let your friend or colleague use your computer administrator account, You can ask them to use guest account.
  • Keep a general record of your emails and contact list in your mind as this will help in password recovery.
  • Install a good Antivirus and Spyware program see our post Easiest way to steal someone’s Password - Keylogger – How to protect? for more details on securing your computer.

Follow precautions suggested by Laptop Repair Hong Kong to make your online browsing and emailing safe. If you not sure about security of you computer then you can consult computer security experts at MacWin Technology - 64037272.
We welcome all comments and suggestions regarding email hacking.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What to do in case of Liquid spill on Mac? Spilled Liquid on Macbook Repair Hong Kong

Every day we receive many Macbooks being damage by liquids like coke, juice, sodas, coffee, tea or other kinds of party liquids like Beer, Whiskey, Cocktails or plain water. Many customers ask us what to do in case of liquid damage as they have already damage their machines so it’s too late to explain procedure. Now you can know the procedure to save your macs in case of liquid damage before it is too late. 

What happens when liquid spills on mac? Do liquid spill really damage laptop? Why computers don't work after liquid spill?

Usually liquid wont damage your computer right away in fact most of the macs are damaged by actual user itself and not the liquid. What we have seen is after spilling liquid every person tries to turn on their macs or if it is already on they don’t turn it off instead they run around to get tissue or towel to dry it.

Mac Liquid Spill Repair Hong Kong will tell you step by step procedure what to do in case of Liquid spill but before that you must know what kind of liquid you have spilled on computer. We have divided liquids in 3 types of categories:

1.     Sugary drinks/Sticky Liquid - These are liquids that are sticky in nature due to presence of sweetener or sugar inside. These liquids always damages keyboards, trackpads and are most dangerous kinds of liquids e.g. Juice, Sodas, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Milk etc.
2.    Water base Drinks - These are drinks that are mixed with water. These may or may not have sugar inside so they are less dangerous like Green tea or Chinese tea.
3.    Alcoholic Drinks – With this category people have wrong assumption that alcohol does not damage computer but actually it does as they have water or sugar inside like beer, vodka, whiskey and Pinna Colada which girls always spill :) 

Now as you are familiar with categories of Liquids so we can proceed to procedure of saving mac. Computer Repair Hong Kong will tell you what to do in case of Liquid Spill in the procedure below.

The Procedure

  1. 1.   DON'T TURN ON YOUR MAC. If it is already ON then hold down power button for 5 seconds to power it off.

    2.    Remove any charger or battery connected to your mac. MacBook’s where you cannot remove battery DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OPEN Just leave the battery inside.

    3.    If the liquid went onto your keyboard then flip the computer upside down (see picture) and keep it at the corner of the table in same position so liquid can drain out and this will prevent liquid from entering further onto logic board.
    Leave it in that position overnight if you spilled liquid  at night. If in Daytime then bring it to MacWin Technology immediately as our Water damage experts will clean your mac and save it from damaging completely.

    4.    DONT USE HAIR DRYER - Every person tries to use hair dryer as they think it will dry out the liquid but instead they end up burning the vital logic board components and specially keys on the keyboard. Using hair dryer will not dry the liquid that has already entered mac no matter for long you dry it. 
    Another reason not to use dryer is, everyone after blow-drying try to turn ON their computer and that’s when the board blows off.

    5.    Bring your computer to Liquid damage repair Professionals and not to any computer store as most of the cases technicians don’t know how to deal with liquid damage boards and they try to clean the board with various Chemicals. We have also seen cases where technicians attempting to turn ON macs in spite of knowing it is liquid damage.

    Take your computer to repair store ASAP as this really helps in saving logic board. This is the most important STEP as cleaning internal components saves it from rusting.

Dos and Don'ts

  • Do not turn ON your mac at any cost before you take it for repair.
  • Remember you spilled a drink be ready to pay for it and accept your mistake, don't try to save few dollars on cleaning and don't try to do things on your own as 99% cases it gets worst.
  • Bring your mac to Macbook Repair HK at earliest possible as in that cases damage will be minimum.
  • Some cases people just turn on their mac after spill and it starts working and they think OK nothing happened. We have seen cases where people used there mac for 2 days and then suddenly board or screen blows off. Don’t think it is working now and nothing will happen, you must not turn it ON. Liquid stays inside and will move around, secondly it starts rusting board components so take it for cleaning immediately.
  • Keep tissue on keyboard while carrying your mac to a repair store as it will absorb all extra liquid while your mac is moving and also it prevents screen from being damage.
  • Do not use any chemicals or house hold cleaning liquids to clean your Mac.
  • Do not follow instructions online and videos to open and repair your mac yourself. Remember professionals know what they are doing and this there daily job so let them do the things in right way.

Follow the steps provided by Water Damage Laptop Repair HK and your mac will be fine. Remember never turn ON liquid damage computers and must seek for professional help immediately. Contact MacWin Technology Hong Kong (852) 64037272

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How to catch your colleague when they use your computer in your Absence?

Many times in offices, schools or universities while using computer you will leave your desk for few minutes may be for a meeting or cup of coffee, sandwich, etc. When you come back you get a feeling that something is not right and someone was looking into your computer or trying to take out some information. 

That moment you are really scared and feel unsecured and you wish there was way to find out or catch him/her who was messing around with your PC. 
Don’t worry  Mac Repair HK will tell you the easiest free way to secure your computer and find out that person who was sneaking around. 

All you need to do is login to this website Mouselock and sign in using your Google account. After login select a secret point any number that you can remember, this number will be your unlock code .


Once you have selected code then to lock it just click into the circular slot and you’re done (see Below Picture). Now you can leave your desk and go our anywhere you like. Now when your colleague or your neighbor tries to use your computer while you are not there he will only have 5-7 seconds to click correct code and unlock it. Once he fails to do so you will receive an email notification and at the same time it will capture the image of the person who was trying to access your computer. For photo capture you must have webcam connected to your computer. Usually these days every laptop has built in webcam. 

Now you can easily find out who is the person who was trying to access your computer without him knowing it. This application is free and does not require any special computer skill to use it. You do not need to download and install anything just open the website and you are good to go. 

Note: Mouse lock is only to find out who was using your computer and to notify you. It does not secure your computer nor protects it from being used.

Friday, February 8, 2013

How To Hack Anyone’s password – Using Keylogger Program

In our previous post we told you How to identify Keylogger program and ways to block or remove it. In order to identify Keylogger it is also very important to know how Keylogger program actually works or how to use this program.

Keylogger - What’s that?

It’s spying software that records each and every Key stroke a user types on a target computer in a log file. This log file is send back to owner via email or uploaded on FTP. This program can be installed very quickly and starts working immediately. It records all sensitive information like email ID, password, credit card no. etc.

How does Keylogger Work?

Once Keylogger is installed it will run in background in a hidden mode so victim won’t see any unusual activity on his computer nor he will able to find it in control panel or installed programs. This program starts automatically when vitic turn of computer and starts recording every key strokes as soon as victim types. Suppose victim logins to hif Gmail account then Keylogger will record that was types and IE was opened. Then it will record his user ID and Password.

Advanced Keylogger also records screen shot which is also quite helpful to understand victim’s system environment.

Keylogger – How To Use?

Keylogger are very simple and easy to use. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can use it. In order to use Keylogger simply download a good Keylogger  programs ( Search Online) or you can choose to have free Keylogger.

After downloading if you have physical access to victim’s computer then simply install Keylogger on his machine just like normal program and configure it to send log to your email.

Remote Installation -
If you do not have access to victim’s computer then you can send him keylogger file remotely. Just install Keylogger on your machine and create remote installation module. 

Mostly Keyloggers will have feature where you can attach this module to any picture. You can send this module to victim via online chat or email (for email use .rar or zip). As soon as victim open up your attachment he will see the picture file on his screen but in background Keylogger will install silently and start doing its job J
Keylogger runs in full stealth mode so there will be no window popping up plus it will never be seen in start menu, task-bar programs or control panel.

Conclusion: There are Key loggers for Mac and Windows both and if you are using good antivirus and AntiSpyWare program then you won’t get infected.

All comments are welcome. If you have any questions or want to know more about security then contact us Computer Virus Remove Hong Kong

(This article is for knowledge only and we do not take any responsibility for miss use of article. We do not provide or suggest links or names of any Keylogger) Repair Macbook in Hong Kong

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Easiest way to steal someone’s Password - Keylogger – How to protect?

Keylogger are the most common software used these days to hack someone’s email password, identity information, credit card details, and many other important login Passwords. Keylogger are very easy to use program and even a primary school kid with basic computer knowledge can use it to hack your computer. Surprised? Furthermore Keylogger can also be installed remotely through other computer so person sending you Keylogger program don’t need physical access to your computer and most important it can also be attached to any picture so when a Victim opens picture file he won’t even know Keylogger is installed in background on his computer. 
So how to protect your computer against these Keylogger? We will tell you some Good ways to be secured J
First you should know what a Keylogger is? Keylogger is a program that records every key stroke of your keyboard as you type. So when you login to your email or when you make online purchase all the password and numbers you type are recorded in a log file and automatically sent to actual owner of Keylogger. Keylogger programs are also capable of recording screen shots and mouse clicks.

Ways to protect your computer -

1. Install a Good Antivirus Program

Installing good Antivirus is first and most important step. Do not compromise on Antivirus program and never buy antivirus software based on cheapest Price.
There are so many Antivirus software in market which one to buy?
To get the answer you can ask our hacking professional who keeps testing all new Antivirus software’s every month and suggests best and reliable software. Let experts at MacWin Technology build your system security so your computer is well protected. Mac users don’t think your system cannot be infected or Mac cannot be Hacked. Always make sure your antivirus program is up to date. All good antivirus programs can detect most common Keylogger.

2. Antispyware – Another most important program

Now you must be thinking if I have Antivirus software then why do I need Antispyware?
Well Keylogger is considered as spyware and not a virus and not all antivirus programs are capable of catching spywares. Spywares Algorithms and behavior is completely different from a virus. A spyware is meant to steal information and they are programmed to doge Antivirus programs. Antispyware reads programs behavior and they don’t work on same basics as Antivirus. In today’s date Antispyware is more important and must program than a Antivirus. Most Antivirus software has AntiSpyWare function but most of them are useless. We recommend Pc Tools Spyware doctor.
Apart from these other methods by which you can find Keylogger are:

3. Scanning file online

If you receive a file from some untrusted source and if you are not sure about file security then another good free option is to scan file online. There are many free online scanning websites where you can upload file and run a free scan. Usually these online scanners use more than 20 different popular antivirus programs to scan file and they provide you full report about file security. Good free online scanning website is Virustotal

4. Using a Antilogger Program

Most of you guys may have not even heard of Anti logger program. Antilogger is a program that is made to detect Keylogger in a system. Usually all good Antivirus software’s will detect Keylogger but advance hackers will use technique like Crypting and Binding to doge antivirus programs. We have tested many Antiloggers and we recommend Zemana Antilogger.

5. Using Key Scrambler

Key scrambler is a program that encrypts all your keystrokes when you type so even if a Keylogger manages to doge your antivirus program it still cannot record key strokes. Keylogger installed on your computer will record encrypted key stroke scrambled by Key scrambler and not originally typed keys stokes. Keyscrambler is free utility for basic protection. You can download and use it on a public computer for further safety.

Conclusion: Keep your computer fully secured and scan regularly and if you are not very good with computers then you can ask for experts help at Computer Repair Hong Kong.