Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Easiest way to steal someone’s Password - Keylogger – How to protect?

Keylogger are the most common software used these days to hack someone’s email password, identity information, credit card details, and many other important login Passwords. Keylogger are very easy to use program and even a primary school kid with basic computer knowledge can use it to hack your computer. Surprised? Furthermore Keylogger can also be installed remotely through other computer so person sending you Keylogger program don’t need physical access to your computer and most important it can also be attached to any picture so when a Victim opens picture file he won’t even know Keylogger is installed in background on his computer. 
So how to protect your computer against these Keylogger? We will tell you some Good ways to be secured J
First you should know what a Keylogger is? Keylogger is a program that records every key stroke of your keyboard as you type. So when you login to your email or when you make online purchase all the password and numbers you type are recorded in a log file and automatically sent to actual owner of Keylogger. Keylogger programs are also capable of recording screen shots and mouse clicks.

Ways to protect your computer -

1. Install a Good Antivirus Program

Installing good Antivirus is first and most important step. Do not compromise on Antivirus program and never buy antivirus software based on cheapest Price.
There are so many Antivirus software in market which one to buy?
To get the answer you can ask our hacking professional who keeps testing all new Antivirus software’s every month and suggests best and reliable software. Let experts at MacWin Technology build your system security so your computer is well protected. Mac users don’t think your system cannot be infected or Mac cannot be Hacked. Always make sure your antivirus program is up to date. All good antivirus programs can detect most common Keylogger.

2. Antispyware – Another most important program

Now you must be thinking if I have Antivirus software then why do I need Antispyware?
Well Keylogger is considered as spyware and not a virus and not all antivirus programs are capable of catching spywares. Spywares Algorithms and behavior is completely different from a virus. A spyware is meant to steal information and they are programmed to doge Antivirus programs. Antispyware reads programs behavior and they don’t work on same basics as Antivirus. In today’s date Antispyware is more important and must program than a Antivirus. Most Antivirus software has AntiSpyWare function but most of them are useless. We recommend Pc Tools Spyware doctor.
Apart from these other methods by which you can find Keylogger are:

3. Scanning file online

If you receive a file from some untrusted source and if you are not sure about file security then another good free option is to scan file online. There are many free online scanning websites where you can upload file and run a free scan. Usually these online scanners use more than 20 different popular antivirus programs to scan file and they provide you full report about file security. Good free online scanning website is Virustotal

4. Using a Antilogger Program

Most of you guys may have not even heard of Anti logger program. Antilogger is a program that is made to detect Keylogger in a system. Usually all good Antivirus software’s will detect Keylogger but advance hackers will use technique like Crypting and Binding to doge antivirus programs. We have tested many Antiloggers and we recommend Zemana Antilogger.

5. Using Key Scrambler

Key scrambler is a program that encrypts all your keystrokes when you type so even if a Keylogger manages to doge your antivirus program it still cannot record key strokes. Keylogger installed on your computer will record encrypted key stroke scrambled by Key scrambler and not originally typed keys stokes. Keyscrambler is free utility for basic protection. You can download and use it on a public computer for further safety.

Conclusion: Keep your computer fully secured and scan regularly and if you are not very good with computers then you can ask for experts help at Computer Repair Hong Kong.


  1. Keylogger are the most common software used these days to hack someone’s email password, identity information, credit card details, and many other important login Passwords. Keylogger are very easy to use program and even a primary school kid with basic computer knowledge can use it to hack your computer. Computer Repair

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