Friday, February 8, 2013

How To Hack Anyone’s password – Using Keylogger Program

In our previous post we told you How to identify Keylogger program and ways to block or remove it. In order to identify Keylogger it is also very important to know how Keylogger program actually works or how to use this program.

Keylogger - What’s that?

It’s spying software that records each and every Key stroke a user types on a target computer in a log file. This log file is send back to owner via email or uploaded on FTP. This program can be installed very quickly and starts working immediately. It records all sensitive information like email ID, password, credit card no. etc.

How does Keylogger Work?

Once Keylogger is installed it will run in background in a hidden mode so victim won’t see any unusual activity on his computer nor he will able to find it in control panel or installed programs. This program starts automatically when vitic turn of computer and starts recording every key strokes as soon as victim types. Suppose victim logins to hif Gmail account then Keylogger will record that was types and IE was opened. Then it will record his user ID and Password.

Advanced Keylogger also records screen shot which is also quite helpful to understand victim’s system environment.

Keylogger – How To Use?

Keylogger are very simple and easy to use. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can use it. In order to use Keylogger simply download a good Keylogger  programs ( Search Online) or you can choose to have free Keylogger.

After downloading if you have physical access to victim’s computer then simply install Keylogger on his machine just like normal program and configure it to send log to your email.

Remote Installation -
If you do not have access to victim’s computer then you can send him keylogger file remotely. Just install Keylogger on your machine and create remote installation module. 

Mostly Keyloggers will have feature where you can attach this module to any picture. You can send this module to victim via online chat or email (for email use .rar or zip). As soon as victim open up your attachment he will see the picture file on his screen but in background Keylogger will install silently and start doing its job J
Keylogger runs in full stealth mode so there will be no window popping up plus it will never be seen in start menu, task-bar programs or control panel.

Conclusion: There are Key loggers for Mac and Windows both and if you are using good antivirus and AntiSpyWare program then you won’t get infected.

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  1. Oh, keylogger is very useful tool for those who want to know more about people whom they trust and love. Personally I use to control my daughter. Remaining invisible I can track her phone there, namely view SMS, read the messages sent using WhatsApp , Viber and Facebook, track the flow of media data in her Snapchat, determine her whereabouts, track all web activity. I think it’s must-have for parents who care of their children.

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