Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Computer Repair Hong Kong - What to do when your email is Hacked ?

These days there has been sudden increase in email hacking and every day we are receiving many computers and laptops which are hacked and contains malicious programs on it. Recently there are few new hackers in market who are not very experienced and can be a teenager or someone unemployed.  These type of hackers are newbie but they are dangerous as they spend more time finding out information and try new methods of hacking. Email hacking is the easiest and most popular way of hacking any computer and because not every user is protected with right kind of security program there email often get hacked.

How to know my email is Hacked?

1.    If you are not able to login to your email with same old password.
2.    If your friends are receiving emails from your account asking for money.
3.    If people in your contact list are receiving strange links and picture links.
4.    After you login you find out there are no mails at all and all mails are deleted.
5.    When you see strange emails in sent items which you never sent.

How does my email got hacked? What did I do?

Computer Repair Services Hong Kong will tell you ways how your email got hacked.
1.    Did you click on the link sent calming jobs, lottery confirm? Sample below: 
2.    Did you open any attachment claiming TT transfer Successful.
3.    Did you download any software from unknown website recently?
4.    Are you using same password on many websites?
5.    Did you open link sent by friend to see pictures? may be his email is also hacked and he is unaware of it.
6.    Did you receive email from your own email address asking to open link?

What to do once email is Hacked?
1.    The most important step Change password immediately. Create a strong password and do not use your name or friends name which hacker can find from social networking websites.
2.    If you cannot access your account then only option is to go for password recovery.
3.    Once you login to your account change password reset setting and make sure hacker did not change your recovery email address.
4.    Check if hacker has not created any settings to forward all emails to some other account.
5.    Scan your computer with an Antivirus program and look for virus or spyware.
6.    Uninstall any recently installed program from unknown source.
7.    Install a firewall as this will not allow information to be sent to hacker.

Future Precautions -
  • Don't click on any link without reading it or without knowing source of it.
  • Don't download softwares from unknown, not popular websites.
  • Don't click on Advertisements that claims to pay you money or  win lottery.
  • Do not use your email account on public computers.
  • Do not use same password for all email accounts or on different social networking websites.
  • Always scan your computer regularly and delete browsing history and cookies.
  • Do not open picture attachments from people you don't know and even if you know the person before opening scan all attachments.
  • Don't be lazy and change password regularly.
  • Don't let your friend or colleague use your computer administrator account, You can ask them to use guest account.
  • Keep a general record of your emails and contact list in your mind as this will help in password recovery.
  • Install a good Antivirus and Spyware program see our post Easiest way to steal someone’s Password - Keylogger – How to protect? for more details on securing your computer.

Follow precautions suggested by Laptop Repair Hong Kong to make your online browsing and emailing safe. If you not sure about security of you computer then you can consult computer security experts at MacWin Technology - 64037272.
We welcome all comments and suggestions regarding email hacking.