Friday, May 24, 2013

Data Recovery Hong Kong - What to do when MacBook hard disk fails?

You all must be aware of word Hard Drive failure and Data Recovery. Now days in modern world everyone is using digital devices which involves lot of file saving, downloading and data exchange. Nowadays data recovery is not only associated with Hard drive Failures but also with many other devices like Phones, Music Player, Memory Cards, Cameras etc. These days every school kid has their own cell phone and they all save tones of pictures, music and videos. Data is very important and crucial for it owner and no matter how careful you are these devices fail suddenly and that’s when you need file recovery. Many people these days drop their phones on water or spill liquid on computers which damages hard drive and their data is lost. Read How to save Dropped phone is water.
What is Data Recovery?
In simple words data recovery is extracting data from damage or corrupted hard drives, magnetic tapes, memory cards, SSD by using software plus hardware recovery method and saving it to a good hard drive. Data extraction is a very complex and delicate process as in this process professionals only get 1 or 2 chances to recover files.

Types of Recovery :
Software Recovery:
·       Deleted Data – This is usually done by very expensive advanced processional Software which is  able to scan and read sectors on drive which were deleted.
·       Inaccessible/ Lost partition - In this case data is on the storage drive but is not accessible.
·       Operating System Failure – This is most common failure and can be seen in both Mac and Windows based laptops. This is also one of most common type of recovery.
Hardware Recovery:

·       Physical Damage – This is type of recovery where the storage device is physically broken or damaged beyond repair. This type of recovery is done is special Labs also known as Clean Room. This is usually most expensive type of recovery.
·       Logic Board Failure – This happens when the circuit board on HDD is not working or HDD cannot be turned ON. It is not easy to perform this kind of recovery as HDD need same exact same logic board from same manufacture and model of the hard drive.
Should I attempt to Recovery Data on my own?
Yes if you definitely don’t want your data back then go ahead and try it. Recovering data by users on their own is not recommended by Mac Hard Drive Recovery HK at all, if you do so then you will be the one destroying hard drive plus any possibility of recovering data by professionals. Remember even professional recovery companies have only 1 or at most 2 chances of recovering data. If you attempt something then for sure you don’t love your data and you will end up getting nothing.
There are few free data recovery software’s out there which one should never use as these software’s are for advertisement purpose and not for actual recovery. Professional recovery software’s are very expensive and engineers who are trained to recover files follow proper step by step procedure to recover valuable data. These free softwares actually reduce chance of recovering any data even by professionals as it requires drive scanning for hours and thus making many sectors unreadable. Also this software will advertise their company and ultimately ask you to bring HDD to them so better not to attempt anything foolish.
Is Windows & Mac recovery same?
According to Macbook data recovery Hong Kong it is important to understand that windows and mac both are using different file systems. Windows hard drive is formatted as NTFS whereas Mac uses HFS+. That’s why software recovery of both the systems is performed in different way using different typed of recovery program. Not every company can recover Mac hard drive so it is not recommended to give HDD for recovering to Windows Recovery Company. Mac recovery is more complex than windows but when it comes to physical recovery the basic steps are same for both.
Dos and Don’ts
·       When your mac hard drive crashes do not turn on your MacBook as this will force drive to read data which will make drive condition worst.
·       When your mac OSX is not booting up then do not force boot it or turn it OFF & ON multiple times as this will lead to complete HDD failure.
·       If your camera memory card is not readable just take it out and leave it. Don’t try inserting it in other devices as it reduces recovery chances.
·       Never attempt any kind of recovery on your own.
·       Always keep a backup copy of your data no matter what device you are using.
·       If your hard drive is making clicking sound that means it needs hardware recovery so never attempt to open it physically.
·       If you have deleted data by mistake then right away turn OFF your computer and don’t use it unless data is recovered. If you do so you will be overwriting sectors and recovery will be impossible.

Data recovery is a very complex and time consuming process and it requires highly skilled engineers to extract files from damage drives so it will be always an expensive process no matter which device you recover. Data Recovery Hong Kong Whenever recovery is required of files such as photos, music, videos do not attempt to recover on your own and always ask for professional help. Pictures and Videos means a lot to people and these files are large in nature so that’s why there recovery is difficult compared to documents.