Tuesday, September 13, 2016

iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus Hong Kong

Apple’s Next Generation – iPhone 7 & iPhone 7plus..!!

Apple has officially announced its new smartphone iPhone 7 & iPhone 7Plus with amazing features. It is said that Apple has launched its best phone ever till now. The new iPhone is design similar to iPhone6s and iPhone6s Plus. But the features like water resistance, new camera, no headphone jack fast processor, Static home Button has made iPhone 7 different from last year’s model.

Appearance and Storage: - Apple has redesigned the antenna bands of both phones which no longer spoil the back look of device. Apple has launched two new colours for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7plus replacing space grey. Both phones are available in Silver, Rose, Gold, Black and Jet-Black colours
For the first time apple has replaced its 16gb model with 32gb model as a base model. Both devices are available in 32gb, 128gb and 256gb capacity. Jet-Black is available only in 128gb and 256gb models.

Removal of Headphone Jack: - Apple has removed headphone jack of 3.5mm and has included another speaker for stereo sound. Thus, there’s now one speaker at bottom and one at top. Apple’s new ear-pods will be connected through lightning connector port which will be included in every phone box.

New Camera: - The camera of both devices has been upgraded to enhance low-light capabilities and optic image stabilization which will give even sharper photographs than ever. iPhone7 features 12 mega-pixels with 6 element lens, larger f/1.8 aperture.
The iPhone 7 plus Hong Kong comes with dual lens camera. This version has two 12 mega-pixel camera with wide-angle lens and telephoto lens that can zoom up to 10x with high quality and optical zoom. Front facing camera has also been upgraded to 7MP from 5MP on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus for selfies that will look better than ever.

Iconic Home Button:  - Apple has redesigned the home button. The static home button which means it’s a pressure sensitive and has been given vibration based-taptic feedback system which provides the levels of pressure and feedback.

Water & Dust Resistant: - the new iPhones are dust and water-resistant with IP67 rating which means it is dust free and is able to withstand submersion in water up to 1 meter deep for half an hour.  It’s likely to survive if its dropped in pool. That means phone is safe from iPhone 7 water damage.

Battery Life: - The main problem iPhone was facing its less battery life. Keeping in mind its battery issue apple has improved battery life of these new handsets. These models will have longest battery life ever in an iPhone. Apple estimates 12 hours of browsing on iPhone 7 and about 2 hours more on iPhone 7 plus.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Ways to Protect iPhone Screen from Cracking on busy streets of Hong Kong

Everyone will agree with a fact that there is heartbreak when iPhone screen is cracked.
There was a time when people used to handle smartphones with proper care. But now the scenario has been change. With an immense screen of iPhone, dropping of iPhone on floor is more common. Manufacturers are using Corning Gorilla glass for screen protection and aluminium body to protect the phone. Though iPhone is extremely durable phone and capable for rough handling but still there are some uncertainties which leads to damage of an iPhone screen. Therefore, precautions should be taken as it is said precautions are better than cure.!!

Following means to protect your iPhone from Screen:-

Tempered Glass Protection: - First and foremost way is getting a tempered glass screen protector. Earlier plastic screen protectors were in demand but now people have switched to glass protectors. As everyone is aware iPhone screen repair is costly than the glass protector. Putting glass protector is equal to another screen on phone but it protects our phone screen during fall or drops. Secondly it maintains the display quality and you get the same feel when you look screen.

Cases or Covers: - Another damage to iPhone by dropping on floor it damages its edges. Many time we see there are dents on phone which later damage phone screen too. So to prevent dents person must use good quality covers like bumpers or cases. Covers not only protect back or edges but it also protects screen from cracks. Secondly make sure to not to use hard covers because hard covers also damage screen if phone   is dropped. 

Avoid Taking Photos from Selfie Stick: - This is another and common hurdle which damage iPhone screen. Nowadays, everyone is addicted to take selfie at any place whether it is a Hong Kong Peak or beach. Sometimes phone is not properly attached and when you turn on your iPhone to take picture and if you are pushed it will fell down on floor and screen will be broken. Though iPhone repair Hong Kong experts can repair screen but still it is advisable to take pictures only when you have calm surrounding or enough space.      
Avoid keeping phone with keys in Pockets: -
Many of us make this mistake without realising it that keeping an iPhone with keys damages screen. Maximum keys have some sharp points which damages iPhone glass by scratches. These scratches later damages whole screen. Be careful that not to keep iPhone and keys in same pocket or handbags.

Use of wrist straps: - Though its rare but it happens that phone just slip out of our hand. Especially this is happened with women who drop their phone while doing some work or taking out stuff from their hand bags. These straps will help your iPhone screen from being cracked.

Avoid water damage: - Nobody can disagree on the fact that everyone has habit of carrying phone in bathroom either while talking or just to listen songs during shower. Thus people drop their phone in water. Second while partying, drink or water is spilled on phone which damages iPhone display. Therefore, it is suggested for not having iPhone water damage to keep phones in bags or pockets where there are drinks and avoid using phone in bathrooms.